Gripe about new avatar menu

I preferred the way Discourse used to have things with the menu that appears when the user clicks on his/her own avatar. It was three items at the top which were notifications at left, summary at right (with log-out the bottom-most option) and I don’t remember what was the middle.

Now I’m getting this menu with “too many” items listed on a vertical strip on the right-hand side and with the summary at the bottom. Oh well, shouldn’t whine about it too much, now it’s much easier to log out LOL.

However, I would like to be able to control this setting. There is nothing about it in the preferences.

I think there is too much attention put on notifications. Is there a way to auto-delete notifications a week old or older from the notifications page of the avatar menu? Because it could become cluttered. Sometimes I don’t like to read my own responses to somebody I fear might answer me back nasty or reproach me because I’m wrong. I’m a bit paranoid and not very used to social networking in decade-2020.

I was going to post in the sticky topic of this sub-forum but the last post was over two months old and I don’t think it’s appropriate since this avatar menu redesign is said and done.

Me too.


It threw me a bit at first, but I like it now. It’s probably a Discourse forum software update - the new KDE forum at has the same format.

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