Greetings from the Land That Time Forgot

Well that wasn’t the best part for sure. Still makes me sad!

I feel youthful all of a sudden! I’d love to back to 1950 and start over, that would be great. The cars, no emissions garbage, no cell phones, no covid, no META. . . Man the world must have been great. I definitely wish I was born a good 30+ years earlier.


I have a Video in my Favorites, wich if i look that video, i directly get the 50’s vibe. Without all that you mentioned. That easy life… :smiley:

I watch this every few weeks. And love it.

Welcome to :enos: forums.


so you are behind this endless road to Nowhere:

Yea welcome on the spaceship here on an endeavourous journey into deep purple space :milky_way:


That actually looks more mountainous than the photos I have when I drove across Kansas.

It’s beautiful for sure.

The pic will be Nebraska, simply the first pic it shows on wikipedia (de) for Midwest of the USA :wink:

Nebraska is awesome!! I was very very impressed! We stopped at some random coffee shop and it was the best coffee of my life. . . . Kansas, Nevada and Wyoming (at least the Southern part) were pretty boring to me.

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I love the vibe of EndeavourOS, and I’m really like the OS. Most everything feels “just right”. Thanks!

I’m in the same boat with regard to where I live and moving. It’s time to be elsewhere. The pandemic showed a side to my community that I didn’t expect to see. Without getting into the details, I’ll simply say that the values espoused here are not mine. So time to be somewhere else with people who share similar values. I’ve always been out of step with “traditional values”, but now we are orders of magnitude apart.


That’s funny that Nebraska is considered “Midwest”. I guess it is, but honestly, to me that is The Great Plains. Kansas City was more or less the last stop before heading west. I’m about 120 miles due south of KC. Still Missouri, which at various times has been the meth capital of the world. :wink: Cheers!

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“Jesse, we have to cook!”

now it makes total sense to me :wink:

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I’ll take my coffee with 2 sugars and extra meth please.

Welcome to the forum!

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Funny, sad, AND TRUE!! I used to teach at the alternative high school here. Wonderful kids, but you knew where things were headed when you met their toothless parents. Poor white = meth or opioids.