Greetings from Lake Constance, Southern Germany

Hi, I’m Tim from Germany, the very southern bottom end :wave:

Thanks a lot for establishing EOS and its brilliant community! Very much appreciated! :+1:

I actually use EndeavourOS on my production machine doing a lot of coding and devops stuff. I’ve been doing distro-hopping a lot recently loving Arch Linux the most because it keeps me very productive. After having Manjaro for some time I noticed I’m more the vanilla-kinda-guy, so I gave EOS a try. And I think I may have found my final destination, so I signed up here :wink:

Looking forward to an exciting time here with all you guys :heart_eyes:



Gruss Got!


Welcome to EndeavourOS @tim! Hope you’ll have a good time here.

Es ist eine Ehre dich hier zu haben :enos:

Willkommen an Bord, Tim! :enos_flag:


Hi Tim. I have only been here a few weeks and my reasons for coming to EOS from Manjaro are not dissimilar to yours. So far it has been working great for me and I now have EOS on two machines (including the one where I do all my real work) and I have been trying out I3-WM in a virtual machine. The community has been friendly and helpful. So welcome from another newbie to EOS.


Welcome to the fun :tada:

Welcome, have a nice journey! :rocket:

Welcome to the community :beers:

welcome !

Willkommen! Good to have you with us! EOS seems to be the perfect balance for an Arch install. I can’t fault it!

Welcome mate

Welcome Tim :enos: