Greetings and Salutations to everyone on EnOS

Hello all,

I just wanted to introduce myself after using EnOS for a few hours. I’m in my late 30’s lol but I look like I’m 20. Through my life I’ve never been good with computers obviously just used windows and mac but always have had issues and never learnt how to troubleshoot. A few yrs back a friend of mine was talking about Linux with such zeal that it intrigued me. He explained how the whole system could be updated with just one command. Back then I was using a 2015 Macbook pro (not so pro tho really :smile:). Anyway I decided to try and put Linux on it, all I new at the time was Ubuntu. That was a good experience for me, I tried and failed to sort out the fan issues and got a friend to do it for me eventually. My dabble with Linux didn’t last long though as I felt overwhelmed and I reverted the laptop back.

Years later I tried again this time a bit longer with Mint and I learnt a lot about regressions and some basic terminal navigation, timeshift was a vital thing I learnt about on Mint too. Again though I can’t remember why but I left Linux for a long time. Probably years later after windows 10 spyware issues and thinking to myself that Apple is a rip off, I bought myself a Lenovo X1 Carbon gen 7 and started to mess around with Ubuntu and Mint again.

After hearing about Arch and knowing how much I had grown to love Linux I decided to throw myself into the deep end to try to fast track my learning. lol the world of pain I experienced was immense, and still do. I definitely need to learn not to go into panic mode when something breaks. Like not long ago my Wifi stopped working and I checked sudo journalctl -b and noticed a log about wpa_supplicant failing or something along those lines so I googled it and read quite a few links. I actually had found the fix but I didn’t realise it whilst I was reading it. It’s only until a nice member of the Linux community pointed the fix out did I realise I could/should have been able to resolve it on my own.

I must have installed Arch now over 50 times. Every time I’ve gotten a little further in my installation (documenting and taking notes as I go) but then have reached a brick wall and given up, again. After just installing EnOS I already love this distro. It seems perfect for me, easy Arch installation, nice things already set up like USB automount, (lol the first time I tried to deal with that, it literally took me hours) alias ll commands and probably loads more I haven’t appreciated because of my ignorance. But it’s still a very nice basic Vanilla Arch install.

I’m really really hoping I can keep it this time, I’m just a bit apprehensive about either an update I can’t handle or coming across another brick wall. I’m not a person who doesn’t try before asking, lol just so you know, but I do hope if and when needed that I’ll be able to get support here from this community.

I never thought that I would love a computer operating system so much but Linux is like no other. The freedom and control it gives to the user is amazing. A Linux computer really does belong to its owner.

Hope I haven’t bored you all as I rambled on about my experience with Linux.


Welcome! :partying_face:

Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing scary really, as long as you follow some basics :wink:
Here’s a good start

Also almost nothing we can’t help you to recover from :upside_down_face:


Welcome @muj and enjoy your time with EndeavourOS :rocketa_purple:

I’m just a bit apprehensive about either an update I can’t handle or coming across another brick wall. I’m not a person who doesn’t try before asking, lol

Don’t worry about it, it happens rarely and when it happens you will know it enought fast from our great Community !

My advice would be, just check the forum before to do a kernel update if you are not an adventurer…


I will definitely read through all of that, thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you :smile:

Noted and will do.

So would that mean if I had lots of updates and one of them was a kernel update (and the forum mentioned issues with the kernel) that I should update everything except the kernel update, holding it back? Wouldn’t that possibly cause issues because its a partial upgrade? lol Not saying that I even know yet how to hold back a package, but I’m sure I can find that out easily enough.

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Best advice would be to always have latest LTS Kernel installed as backup, in case of problems you can always fallback to it or just use it always :slight_smile:

And what @FLVAL means is more like warnings of community, something like (this is made up for example):

Kernel 5.10 has problems with BTRFS and performance regression on Nvidia

So in case you don’t want those problems just sit on LTS for a while, until they’ll be resolved



My recommendation is to have good recovery plan so that if anything does go wrong you can put your system back to the state it was in before your upgrade.


Yes I’m planning on installing the lts kernel.

I get you so I wouldn’t hold back a package I just wouldn’t do any upgrades for a while, waiting it out.

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I use timeshift regularly and always backup my important docs to a USB and with the easy installation of EnOS, and all your advice lol :smile: I am starting to feel more confident.

Thank you everyone for such a warm and helpful welcome into this community.


As long as you make backups!

Welcome to the community!



You have the possibility to add more than one Kernel, as @keybreak told you adding the LTS one would give you more security in case of an update break which you will see never happens anymore unfortunatly :smiley:.

The Welcome application now gives you also an easy way to control your kernels or you have always the Terminal if you prefer.

Is there a reason (I don’t know about) I shouldn’t just do the following?

sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers


sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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You can do it that way.

Or use akm

All the same :yum:

ahuh, thank you.

I’ve got lots of reading to do, I think it best for me not to ask any more questions before I’ve read through the EnOS website at least. Thank you very much.

I think I was just a bit concerned conflicts may arise with the welcome options and with what I may do.

I don’t think this will be the case in this situation or most others. The welcome app is a tool that lets you do some things more easily and helps you get started with links to information and documentation.

There are just lots of different ways you can do the same things in Linux. You get to choose which way you prefer.

@dalto :+1: :smile:

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Welcome here ! I use Timeshift also for regular system snapshots. Very easy to recover if there is need, but you may also not have no break and thus nothing to need to recover. As for the data backup my personal choice is Backintime, from the AUR. But you have many other options.
Wish you a great experience here, great distro and great community.


I have already realised that, and from realising that I have realised that a community can make a distro so much better :+1: Thank you for your warm welcome and nice to meet you.

Thank you very much for that, I do need something in regards for home-data backup, I look into that.