Great news for users with the latest AMD Ryzen

AMD has released a BIOS fix for their AMD Ryzen 3000 series to run with distro’s loke Arch (thanks to Michael Nothing for bringing it to our attention)


For the information of other AMD users: I have an Asrock deskmini A300 with a Ryzen 2200G and I also have a celeron-based Intel NUC. I have installed Arch Linux many times and I recently tried EndeavourOS on my NUC and the Asrock A300. All went well until I accepted a large upgrade which included Linux Kernel Version 5.2.8 (upgraded from 5.2.7). The NUC was fine, but the Asrock started producing coloured artefacts everywhere the mouse went. I reinstalled vanilla Arch Linux on the Asrock and got the same effect. So, on my Asrock I reverted to the Linux 4.19 LTS kernel (still on vanilla Arch Linux) and peace and sanity was restored. I checked but there appears to be no AMD BIOS update for the 2200G, only for the 3000 series.