Graphical glitches with tkg-pds or zen kernel, not with default kernel

I included a small video of where I can easily reproduce the issue. What you see is the search bar on the mail website in the Chromium browser. I also have this issue with Firefox but not on websites but sometimes when I open the download panel.

My desktop or gaming so far seems unaffected. I am hoping if someone knows what is up, Such a strange issue, especially since with the normal kernel I don’t have any problems.

That looks similar to

I wonder if this is a kernel/driver issue rather than a Chromium issue… :thinking:


That thread has exactly the same problem as me, good to know it might be the latest kernel and not a issue on my end.

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it`s exactly the same

but … I try it in Manjaro with kernel 5.7.somewhat, not with the latest one

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