Graphical glitches everywhere

After updating the OS the GUI freakoud and there are A LOT of graphical artifacts. Missing letters (even in the log in screen) and whatever is happening here ( I’m on arch 5.17.6. I switched from KDE to Gnome and the problem persists in fact its even worse on gnome.

Can we see the output of pacman -Q | grep -i mesa

lib32-libva-mesa-driver 22.0.3-1
lib32-mesa 22.0.3-1
mesa-demos 8.4.0-8
mesa-git 22.2.0_devel.153886.622e2ae08a8.d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e-1
mesa-utils 8.4.0-8

This is your issue.

Switch to mesa

sudo pacman -Syu mesa

*-git packages usually pull straight off the main development branch which means you are often running untested software.


thank you so much. I got a heart attack when this happened.


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