Gpg: keyserver receive failed: No name problem importing keys

I’m trying to install protonvpn from AUR with yay:

$ yay -S protonvpn
:: PGP keys need importing:
 -> A884 41BD 4864 F95B EE08 E63A 71EB 4740 1994 0E11, required by: python-proton-client  python-protonvpn-nm-lib  protonvpn-cli  protonvpn-gui  protonvpn
==> Import? [Y/n] 
:: Importing keys with gpg...
gpg: keyserver receive failed: No name
problem importing keys

So I tried updating keys (with ubuntu keyserver because I read that this one would be good), some keys seem to work, others fail:

$ sudo pacman-key --keyserver --refresh-keys
gpg: key 786C63F330D7CB92: no user ID for key signature packet of class 10
gpg: public key DB323392796CA067 is 3037 days newer than the signature
gpg: error retrieving '' via WKD: No data
gpg: error reading key: No data

I then looked for the gpg.conf file, but I noticed, that I don’t have one:

$ pwd
$ ls
crls.d  private-keys-v1.d  pubring.kbx  pubring.kbx~  trustdb.gpg

What’s going on here, and how can I fix this?

See if the solution proposed by SandWarrior67 can solve your issue:

SandWarrior67 commented on 2021-05-31 19:28

Thank you for preparing the package, but there is a keyring error in the package. To fix this, the asc gpg key file needs to be downloaded and imported from the protonvpn site. then after doing “gpg --import public_key.asc” the installation completes without any problem.


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Yes. I should have read the comments. Thanks! :slight_smile:


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