GPD WinMax Display issue

Hi All,
Been using EndeavourOS for a while and recently got a GPD WinMax but when when to install any flavor of arch I got this I tried EndeavourOS ,Manjaro , RebornOS & even vanilla Arch with HDMI its fine but the display is in portrait mode any Idea how to fix this cause want to want to install EndeavourOS on this device.

Not sure I’m following this completely… Are you getting the live session up on trying to install EndeavourOS? If it is showing sideways, try reading things sideways (:grin:) while locating the settings (gear icon) on the menu. Use this to select the Display app, and you will see a ‘Rotation:’ selection, with choices of None, Left, Inverted, and Right - select as needed, then continue. The initial boot of the installed system will need the same (once).

If, of course this is what you are facing! Good luck…

when connect to the HDMI the display is fine its just but the display screen is all distorted from the link attached which is what I want to fix if possible & shows 4 screens together.

Apart from trying to designate 1 screen as primary, and the rest not - I’m afraid I’m out of my experience zone…and ideas!

would anyone have an I like say like @jonathon or @RodneyCK ?

I am not familiar with these GPD devices, but you do have to apply a fix for the screen rotation, mentioned here. He is using Xubuntu.

Ubuntu/Xubuntu has a fix using xrandr. I am assuming someone here can tell you how to apply in EOS/Arch.

xrandr --output eDP-1 --mode 720x1280 --rotation right

Script for Ubuntu found here.

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Thanks for the reply but my concern is the screen if you look at my first comment I attached a link with screenshot.


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wanted to ask if the is the same or a bit different GPD Win Max Screen fix reddit ?

Also do I add this command in the terminal ?

Similar issue, different approach.

Wanted ask if anyone can help with this part GPD Screen Fix hook

“If your system starts DRM early, as mine does, you’ll want to have the EDID in the initramfs to get the console mode right. I did this using a hook /etc/initramfs-tools/hooks/edid , so update-initramfs -u would add the EDID file. Contents of the hook script:”