GParted and other places showing different numbers

Last night I moved my /home partition from the nmve it was installed on to a separate ssd (after shuffling things around to clear off the ssd and formatting it to btrfs). Tonight I was looking to wipe the old /home partition (now mounted as /run/media/wreck/_home) and extend the / partition to take up the newly found space. The issue is the old and new /home partitions are now showing different “used” sizes in GParted (pics 1 and 2), but they are showing the same using right click>properties on each folder (pics 3 and 4, small difference makes sense) and using df -h in the terminal (pic 5). Doing some spot checks it looks like everything is there, but I’m a little uneasy wiping the old partition. Am I just being paranoid?

For btrfs formatted partitions it’s a bit different to evaluate the real free space. It is good described in the Wiki, see paragraph “Understanding free space, using the original tools”.


Thank you very much for the link, that section had a lot of good info. Everything I’ve looked at outside of GParted points to the sizes being the same (system info, df, right click>properties on each dir and the cmds listed in the link), so I’m leaning toward GParted just not seeing things correctly. I’m going to give it a few days to make sure I don’t notice anything missing, but probably this weekend or early next week I’ll go ahead and wipe the old partition and extend the root partition on that drive. Any other things to check on suggestions are welcome.