Got my wife on Linux

At the start of the pandemic I got my wife a little fanless pc to use for work with Citrix. While it was fine once she was in Citrix watching her try do anything with the windows install was painful to watch the lag on the mouse and keyboard was horrid.

Once I confirmed I could get her Citrix working properly with dual screens ect I went for it and tested out I’m now installing Fedora on it.

Went with Fedora for ease of updates etc.




Got my wife on Linux

Are you, by any chance, from Stepford? I’m looking into acquiring a wife, and I’d like one that runs on an open source OS.



haha… my wife runs Arch BTW


pacman -S instant-forgiveness, instant-purchase-approval


Even with Gnome linux has made this an entirely different and completely usable little computer… the difference is night and day

I got my partner onto Linux quite a few months ago, the dog knocked her laptop over, screwed the hard disk, it would boot up but it took nearly 30 minutes (or more!!). She had backups, but lost her Windows install disk when we moved.

Cheap SSD, Endeavour and about an hour of frustration from her and she hasn’t asked a question for ages.

I personally think that as long as any OS can run a browser, then there is no problem, everything is browser based nowadays :smiley:

Yesterday she asked a question - what is notepad called in Linux… (Kate!).


I would of gone endeavour but I didn’t want to be over her shoulder telling her to run yay lol…

Fedora is super easy, supported and solid their installer is pretty bad imo

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i have simply enabled sshd on my wife’s ThinkPad… so updating it remotely she never noticed :wink:

Adding a notice if needed:
notify-send -u critical -i "arch-updates-symbolic" 'Your system is updated!' 'Please reboot as soon as possible! '


That is a bit stalkerish :smiley:


i have permission … and is it even possible to stalk your own wife ? :grin: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_peeking_eye:

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In this country - yes, it counts as “controlling and coercive behaviour” unless you have permission.

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okay lucky me that i have the permission :rofl:


Got it in writing? If not, better get a contract done. :rofl:

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I converted my woman to linux 5 years ago and she has not look back since. The route was Mint, MX-Linux, Manjaro and finally EOS. She updates her laptop by herself in terminal and rarely faces any problems. I’m very proud of her… :star_struck:


I moved my wife to Linux 4-5 years ago. It has been an interesting journey.

  • For the first 2 years, she was on Manjaro
    • I had to get involved whenever updates required manual intervention.
    • She didn’t update frequently enough so almost all updates required manual intervention.
    • It ended up frustrating for both of us.
  • That laptop had a hardware failure and I had a laptop that had Solus on it so I gave her that
    • This worked much better from an update perspective. She was able to manage the machine by herself.
    • She sometimes wanted software that wasn’t available in the Solus repo
  • When she got a new PC last year I migrated her to PopOS
    • This has been pretty painless from my perspective after the initial install and config.
    • She rarely needs my help and is able to keep the machine updated on her own.

As a side note, I recently picked up one of those mini mele PCs recently to use a home theater PC because I wanted something fanless.


Not trying to sway you - but if it came with Windows 10, the Microsoft code is written into the motherboard. You just need to make a disk from their website and you can reinstall Windows at any point, no restore disk needed.

If it’s 8 and older. . . well, not so much.

Windows 7, she was happy enough with it, hated 8, so never updated.

That may be the great unifier.

Flat out no one liked 8 hahaha

Being part of the wheel group may be technicaly enough but I am not sure if that would be enough in front of a legal court. :laughing:

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