Got a new Endeavour machine coming

So, may or may not have mentioned, I’d been using Endeavour on a Razer Blade 15 (2018) w/ the 8750H/32GB/GTX1070 Max-Q. This is far larger and shorter battery life than I really need, so I have now gotten rid of it. I have a Lenovo T14 AMD coming to replace it (although it’ll take 3 weeks to ship)!!! Ryzen Pro 7-4750u (8 core, 16 thread)/32GB/Vega 7!!! Excited.



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Fine specs for a laptop!

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Very very nice!

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Very nice laptop indeed. I hope you gave them my shipping address. :wink:


Would you like to re-route the shipping to me so i can test it? I just want to make sure EndeavourOS works on it! :laughing:

Edit: Please?


Oh, I had given my ACTUAL shipping address…maybe next time?

That’s a negative. This is the second most expensive brand new laptop I’ve ever purchased (mind you, I’ve probably only purchased like 10 brand new laptops in 25 years of using them). The most was my Latitude E5450 that I purchased brand new from Dell as soon as they switched from Haswell to Broadwell chips in the model. Yeah, I purchased used a lot…
The price was a big selling point to me. The Ryzen 7, backlit keyboard, 400 nit 1080P screen, 16GB soldered and under $1200 USD before taxes. Figured with their sale on that was a pretty good deal and I had nothing on any of my credit cards, so…


I’m so dissapointed… :sob:


I still have it’s slimmer brother, the E7450 lying around here…
Still use it from time to time, great keyboard on those things!

Agreed. I actually only kept the 5450 for about a year before I ditched it for a E7450. Didn’t think it would be that big a deal, but the 7450 was just SOOOOOOO much smaller.

Mine heats up like crazy though…
gave it some new thermal compound and a good clean inside, but it didn’t do much…

Mine never had that issue. But then, I only kept my 7450 for maybe 18 months as well. I don’t keep laptops too long generally. Is yours the i7 or i5 (mine was only i5)?

I also am waiting for that specific Thinkpad to arrive, it is delayed but that has to do with some specific things I requested, Fedora instead of Windows and even though they don’t ship it officially on the T series, they are working on it to make it run out of the box.

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Don’t officially ship it yet, although they have already announced it (not sure if it was mentioned here in the forums anywhere yet or not). Although the announcement was of course with Ubuntu. All modern Thinkpads & Thinkstations they’ve announced will be available with Ubuntu. And yes, that’s the reason I decided to buy one…beyond the fact that I wanted a Ryzen 4800u but NOONE seems to be SELLING laptops made with it (I’ve read that they’re making them, they just don’t seem to be for sale), so the 4750u is the same thing with the “pro” extensions.

I know, but I kind of nagged them into doing it. It is a business order for 12 T14’s with 12 docks.

Yeah, mines just a single one, so I was just happy to get a good price, and I know Zen2 works well (desktop is zen 2) and Vega works well (have had multiple Ryzen APU’s 2000 & 3000 series), so figure it’ll probably work more or less fine out of the box with Endeavour. :smiley:

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I don’t want to be the “IT specialists” for my co-workers when they have to run endeavour on it. :wink: That’s why I opted for Fedora.

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Oh, totally with you there. That’s why my company all the devs (except the one that runs Arch) run some form of Ubuntu!! I prefer Ubuntu for the workstations because I tell them to stay on LTS channel that way I don’t have to support them as often otherwise. :smiley:


My Endeavour install runs on a 5440 which is i5, 8GB RAM and the fans never even start. It used to run Manjaro just as well except for a wierd issue with the touch pad. It’s fine with the Arch repos. :man_shrugging:

So humorous little piece of information, you have my all time least favorite laptop ever made. My hatred for the Latitude 5440 knows no bounds (I may have had issues with several of them). Whereas I actually to this day still love the 7440.