Google / Youtube going to far yet again

would be interested in seeing if this affects safari as well.

I read somewhere inside a reddit thread it’s not Firefox specific, but rather user specific. Not every Firefox user could replicate it. Still a weird thing to do.

I wonder, what’s determining factor…
Still, nothing can justify 5s delay in javascript code for whatever reason. :rofl:

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He mentions that in the video about how its not affecting everyone just yet and it doesn’t seem to be just firefox specific however i cannot confirm.

I would suspect that it probably wont be wide spread until they release the MV3 that Google has planned to start putting into chrome.

Google the Crybaby of the Internet.
Watch our ads and send us all your money or we will kill your internet.

The Empire Strikes Back!

Of course the Empire did nothing wrong its all the Republics fault.

I had this issue in Firefox with adblocker but not in Chromium with adblocker (ublock origin in both).

In Firefox, I add this in ublock My Filters:, resolve(1), 5000, 0.001)

It solves the issue for me. I found it in this article:


Youtube is so desperate for the tiniest profit gains out of this, but they won’t win.

Gross company, gross platform. Making the switch to third party clients was the best decision I could have done in the context of YT.

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What a shit show from Google. IT is like politics these days… Just pure B-grade comedy :partying_face:

What next? You are not allowed to drive highway if you can’t afford to buy Tesla :clown_face:

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Also you will eat zee bugs, you’ll own nothing and you’ll have nothing - and you’ll be happy! :clown_face: :earth_africa:


You’ll be owned by X

Bow before your new master!



Use our banking platform or else


Man, I got a bad feeling about this … :sweat_smile:

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Beetle/pineapple/soya pizza with vegetarian mayonnaise :yum:

Synthetic pineapple pizza with bugs topping - sounds about right! :rofl:

I turned off http/3 on firefox and everything on Google went faster. Apparently FF tries that and does some sort of timeout before dropping down.

Funny. I don’t have any problems using youtube via Firefox. Is this country specific? I am in Germany.

I haven’t experienced this in Thailand either, yet - it’s not all users.

I think YouTube has every right to make it’s website as shitty as possible - basically, if you’re not paying them then you’re not a customer… and it’s not feasible to say that you pay them simply by using their website.

However, it’ll be a huge issue if the EU can pin them down to browser specific hacks as they previously relied on a Chrome specific API reliance to hobble ‘foreign browsers’.

YouTube has long had questionable profitability, the evil comes through the fact (like Google Photos) they offered an amazing free service for so long it’s painful to withdraw now that everyone and his friend is there.

It is, however, a pretty toxic platform - with people putting videos out and having to mute many keywords which flag video for demonetisation.

Due to the algorithms, I’ve long kept my ‘YouTube subscriptions’ off the grid with RSS feeds. But the fact remains, a lot of channels I watch are there only because they are monetised by YouTube - and using an ad-blocker means I watch it for free.

So I’m not in a position to complain. It’s their business, not mine.

please assure me a cow died for the cheese at least…