Google Music Manager Orphaned

hi All,

i am unable to use google music manager after recent update.
getting error check network connection.
i reinstalled app,tried different account still not working.
when i tried to update using Yay, noticed its orphaned.
so does this means it will no longer run on Endeavour OS/Arch.
pls help or suggest.

:: Searching databases for updates...
:: Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Orphaned AUR Packages:  google-musicmanager
 there is nothing to do

Please see the comments here—I think they will answer your question:

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You can switch to Spotify

yay -S spotify

Does spotify let you access your google music library somehow?

Looks like it’s possible…

I’m the previous owner of this PKGBUILD on AUR. Google will stop Google Music before end of 2020.


No …but maybe it’s an alternative? Google music is out in 2020.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the use case but wasn’t google play music, at least in part, a place where you could buy music and then listen to the music you purchased in your library?

It was originally, later it evolved into a streaming service. Now they are moving that service to Youtube music, a paid subscriber has ad-free and unlimited acces to the full artist content.

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Thanks @FredBezies for update on YT Music, was able to transfer of 2000+ songs from google play music manager.
really liked the way YT Music handled the media library transfer.
and my 1st observation while transfer was it uploaded files which are my favorites and songs which i listened to more often first.