Google Integration with Merkuro

I’m having trouble getting my accounts added to Merkuro Calendar and Contacts. I can successfully add my Google account and validate through the web login, but when I attempt to click apply, it doesn’t apply or save. I can click okay or cancel to close the window, but the configuration doesn’t stay. It shows the account is linked, but not configured. No matter how many times I remove and re-add, I can’t click Apply.

Has anyone else seen this or know of a fix for it? I tried installing Kontact and integrating that way, but Kontact doesn’t have Google groupware listed, and when searching for others online it just stays on fetching providers indefinitely. I know there are other applications I can use, but I’d like to get the calendar and contacts integrated with the desktop through kdepim.

Sorry, don’t use Merkuro (or any akonadi dependent app), but you could also try asking here:

I opened an issue a few days ago