Good evening

This is a quick hello from a new Endeavour user in the UK.

I’m a 61 year old long-time computer user with hippy tendencies, living on the South Coast and not into distro-hopping. Tbh I don’t see the point, after all it’s just an OS and is basically there to help us get work done, not offer entertainment itself. I use the PC for playing music, light gaming, browsing, e-mail, spreadsheets and watching TV so want a distro to be supportive, reliable and out of the way.

I have to say that I am very impressed with this distro. I have previously been a very committed Manjaro user, until an update totally screwed up my system with a kernel update (suddenly dropping the one that I had installed). This was the last straw for me and I wasn’t reinstalling again. I took the plunge and installed Arch the ‘proper’ way. All went well and I was happy for 2 years, no update issues whatsoever. But I installed a few programs that I wasn’t happy with and needed to make a fresh install. Maybe it was easier to go back to Manjaro. So I did, but 3 months later I’ve had enough again, it just isn’t confidence inspiring unfortunately and I want Arch back.

I tried Endeavour to save the full task of configuring Arch and I have to say that it is excellent. The installer is a bit buggy (Antergos was worse) but I can get around that and all is smooth so far after 3 weeks.

Thanks for reading a long intro - best wishes to all and thanks to the Endeavour team for their work which is very much appreciated. I expect to be using this for the foreseeable on all 3 PCs.


Welcome to the forum, enjoy your time here. Thank you for trying EndeavourOS.


Welcome @Vapourer to EndeavourOs, have great time here.

Welcome @Vapourer
Happy to have you join us here. I don’t want to be a distro hopper either but some of us got the bug before we ended up here. Now were just chillin!

Welcome! Got to love a hippy! o/

A warm welcome Vapourer! Glad to have you here and enjoying Endeavour.

This distro has curbed my tendencies to hop to another distro. It is a learning curve from time to time for me - especially when things go south for me. I just have to learn to not get frustrated too easily. The community here has truly helped me curb my frustration when issues crop up. Now I just have to work on myself; I wouldn’t wish that on anyone! :smiley:

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Welcome aboard, @Vapourer. :metal: