Good day eh - from Canada!

Yeah I’m Canadian! Go figure! :slight_smile: I’m located in Atlantic Canada.

I’ve been using GNU/Linux since Windows 7 beta was released. Before this distro, I was using ArcoLinux. After getting comfortable with using that distro, I was longing to find a distro that was more in line with ArchLinux and its commands; which is the reason why I chose EndeavourOS. Some things are more challenging I’ll admit - but that’s what I was looking for! Plus RTFM on ArchLinux website, and EndeavourOS website, truly helps me in knowing the OS quite well.

I truly hope that this distro has a long life. From what I’ve witnessed so far in this community - that looks like it’s going to happen!

Many thanks for reading this post. I’ll try to assist on topics when I can. If you’re wondering, yes I’m a ham operator. I hope to be on the airways soon.


Welcome @ve9cbc

I’m glad you feel comfortable here !!




Nice to meet you, is ham radio still a big thing across the pond? I really used to listen to it a lot.

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Actually ham radio is slowly dying worldwide. I can still use it via my computer through IRLP; however life is quite busy & I haven’t had the chance to set my computer up for that. Maybe in the future I’ll have a chance?


My favorite Canadian:

“Keep your stick on the ice.”

Hi, and welcome, @ve9cbc. Glad to see you here. People like me can always use to good help, and this community is a great place to get your answers. So, if you can help, I for one will be very grateful!

Mine too!!

Remember: if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

I’m a man
And I can change
If I have to
I guess!


I’ll do what I can. Always like helping people. I had people help me before, so it’s only natural for me to help others - when I can of course.


love Red Green


One more piece of cultural “good humor”.