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Hi Folks,
I’ve been using Linux as my main driver for many years. I first tried Arch but the installation process and the setup after first boot was just a bit much for me. But, then I heard of Manjaro and used it for a few years. I really liked it, except for one thing: I didn’t like the way they hold back new software, like fresh KDE or Gnome when they came out.
I looked around for something else and came upon EndeavourOS. I like it a lot… not so much the colour. LOL. Anyway, I like the version of Calamares that you use.
By the way, I’ve been using Linux since the first version of Red Hat. I’m not a Linux wiz, but I know what I need to know to use it and when I don’t, I ask. In case anyone is wondering, I’m 75 years old.


Welcome to the forum and the color purple!


I like green.

Hi, welcome aboard! :rocket:

It’s great to see you’re able to rock it on the razor edge of :enos: / Arch technology at 75, keep up the good party - hope you’ll like it here! :partying_face:

“and the color purple” :smiley: Thank you.

Hi and welcome. :smiley: :enos_flag:

Me too!! It’s my fave.

I like it already. A young woman named “Cat” once told me that Manjaro was good, but that I’d like Arch even more, because it’s a challenge to “tame the beast”, as she put it. I’ve done that, but I like what a distro like EndeavourOS has to offer. Thanks for the welcome.

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I tend to agree, she surely knows what she’s talking about!

Manjaro has a set of it’s unique problems…It’s best to be as close to source (Arch) as possible to overcome those :upside_down_face:

And :enos: is pretty much pure Arch + small repo, Calamares installer and couple of nice helpers.
Oh and awesome community of course - that’s the main selling point! :partying_face:

Hello Sir! :wave:

It’s an honor to meet a person of your experience. Assertive and self reliant people are of great importance to influence the younger ones in our times :smile:

Indeed, looking forward to read about your use of computing machinery :penguin:

Take care,

I agree about Arch. I loved using it but just didn’t feel the need to get so involved in it. It’s not for everybody. I loved Manjaro, but EndeavourOS is even better, in my humble opinionation.

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Merci François. I hope I can be a good influence and be of some small help when I can. En passant, je suis un francophone Québécois.

Hi to you too and thank you for the welcome.

Ok moi aussi.
Proche de la base militaire de St-Jean. Salut à vous. Merci de vous joindre au Forum :wave:

(Ok me too.)
(Near CFB military base St-Jean. Hello to you. Thank you for joining the Forum)

Cool. J’habite à Gatineau, secteur Hull.

Welcome @grgaud1 , have a great time here!

Thank you.

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Welcomer to the forum @grgaud1 :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome @grgaud1 to :enos:-Forum and the wonderfull community :enos_flag: :rocketa_purple: