Going to put Arm Endeavor plasma on my ROCK64

Hi folks,
I am new here.

I plan on trying out your Arm Plasma version on my ROCK64 when I get the time. I am very curious to see if and how well that will work.

I have tried so many distros on that board from Pine64.org and also from armbian.com and every time I try and use Youtube to watch a video, it will freeze up. I am not talking about 1080p full screen videos but even smaller ones in a browser window. I don’t mind putting in some work on this but it was ridiculous the amount of time I spent trying to get that to work, almost like you have to be a full scale Linux dev to deal with it. Right now the board is just sitting around and I want to put it to some kind of use so we’ll see what happens with Endeavor’s stuff.

If there is anyone else in this forum who has this board with some version of Endeavor arm running on it, please let me know.

One thing for sure, I will have a bottle or two of wine handy when I start this project. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:



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