Going back to Xfce and trying to decide if also going back to Endeavour

Got it! I have never really used Fedora in any extensive manner. I was trying to figure out that problem for a bit. I had no problem with it Chromium on Arch, just Fedora and assumed it was something I did. I’ll keep an eye on that and hopefully Fedora gets it fixed!

I initially followed this guide: https://www.ctrl.blog/entry/fedora-hibernate.html which didn’t work. I tried again figuring I screwed something up, with the same results. I’ve creating a separate specific swap partition with installiation which didn’t work. I’ve started going down creating a swapfile now to see if I can get it to work with some combination of that guide and the Arch wiki.

It adds a significant amount of time for me closing the programs all down all of the time and then powering off to reopen everything. I ONLY have space for laptops here in my apartment, so if I’m not using them, they get closed, and sleep is ok, but if I put it down for a few hours, or overnight to pick up where I was working in the morning and it annoys me that my battery is all dead and the things I was working on are gone. I may open and close and use my computer 2-20+ times a day depending if I’m home or away at work. It could add minutes of startup/shutdown time daily depending how I’m moving aboutHibernation is EXTREMELY important to me. Hibernation isn’t really a security issue for me. I don’t work in government or anything special. I didn’t even bother encrypting the HD on this. If the HD isn’t even encrypted on install, I just don’t think there’s a “security risk worry” about from the computer owner over hibernation (IMO). Maybe they are. It’s literally a checkbox on install. That’s a pretty easy addtional security measure I could have done. Without encryption, I can’t imagine hibernation security is a concern for me. I would really like to get it going though. Sleep to hibernate is critical for me and how I use my computer.

I would REALLY love for Fedora to maybe make that an option. If you encrypt - hibernation is a no go, but without encryption, maybe they could make it an option - or at least some worthwhile documentation to get it setup. It would just be nice if it was click and work like most distros. A LOT of us use it.

I did everything in terminal following along on the rpmfusion website. I didn’t add anything via software center. If you have a walk through or any links for me, I would LOVE some help with this. I’m quite proficient in Arch now, I’m just a new guy with Fedora, and their documentation is nowhere Arch is from what I’m learning. Anything you could suggest, I’m open for! I’d really like to know Fedora much better.

It should be as simple as installing chromium-freeworld from rpmfusion.

Chromium-freeworld? I definitely did dnf install chromium

I will give that a go @dalto ! Thank you

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Anddddd you’re awesome!! I didn’t know chromium-freeworld was even a thing!



That probably installed chromium from the Fedora repos which is devoid of proprietary everything.

Which software you use makes a huge difference here. In order to keep my Fedora install on par with my Arch install requires adding more than 20 repos. Some software isn’t available through any official source so I also need to add COPRs. At least a few times a year one of those repos is broken or changed so I have to figure out what the problem is and either repoint to the new repo or find a new source altogether.

Additionally, I also have to keep an appimage around because that is the only way to get one of the applications I use on Fedora unless I built it myself from source.


Interesting as this may be, I feel like part of this thread belongs in the Lounge, and part of it on the Fedora forum :wink:

Moved to the lounge.

I mean we’re still talking Fedora to Endeavour.

I’m really trying to figure out Fedora. I use Gnome 40 basically stock block with zero extensions. . . so I doubt I’ll have any real issue with updates later. I’m probably going to end up doing it as an Arch/EOS setup in the end just out of simplicity. I was just trying to learn something new.


Gnome 40 is that good huh, I might have to try it out. :thinking:

For me I like it because it’s drastically different than my normal computer(plasma+krihnkite). So without having two identical computers I have two very different workflows and I don’t get some short cuts confused like I do with plasma and cinnamon.

It will probably be my next long-term home computer setup to replace my year old Arch cinnamon.