.gnupg folder permissions

I just moved to plasma. Everything is working alright so far. Copied the .gnupg folder from earlier install, imported my private key and set its trust to ultimate. I can decrypt my encrypted files… but I think the folder permissions are messed up.

gpg --recv-keys 1F521FF0F87E9E1CDE46B8A9F4928C4DD24D4DF8
gpg: connecting dirmngr at '/run/user/1000/gnupg/S.dirmngr' failed: IPC connect call failed
gpg: keyserver receive failed: No dirmngr
akya@quady ~]$ dirmngr
dirmngr[6116.0]: permanently loaded certificates: 143
dirmngr[6116.0]:     runtime cached certificates: 0
dirmngr[6116.0]:            trusted certificates: 143 (143,0,0,0)
dirmngr[6116.0]: failed to open cache dir file '/home/akya/.gnupg/crls.d/DIR.txt': Permission denied
dirmngr[6116.0]: error creating new cache dir file '/home/akya/.gnupg/crls.d/DIR.txt': Permission denied
dirmngr[6116.0]: Fatal: failed to create a new cache object: Configuration error
[akya@quady .gnupg]$ ls -l
total 76
drw------- 2 akya akya  4096 Jan  9  2022 crls.d
-rw------- 1 akya akya    49 Jan 10  2022 gpg-agent.conf
-rw------- 1 akya akya  7681 Jan 10  2022 gpg.conf
drwx------ 2 akya akya  4096 Jan  9  2022 private-keys-v1.d
-rw------- 1 akya akya     0 Aug 17 16:42 pubring.gpg
-rw------- 1 akya akya 25832 Jun 29 13:31 pubring.kbx
-rw------- 1 akya akya 17674 Jun 27 13:17 pubring.kbx~
-rw------- 1 akya akya   600 Nov  5 09:36 random_seed
-rw------- 1 akya akya  1320 Jun 25 18:30 trustdb.gpg

I changed the permission on that crls.d directory and it’s working now lol. I feel a little silly… :sweat_smile:

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