Trying to get sushi working in Gnome 40.1.

yay -s sushi shows “installed”, but when I press the space bar on any file in Nautilus, nothing happens…

What do others do to get a file previewer going?


Did you mean Gnome 41.1? I’m running 41.1 myself and Gnome sushi is installed and I’m able to preview text documents, pdfs, LibreOffice docs, etc just fine. I have no clue why it wouldn’t be working, I don’t know if using Xorg or Wayland has any different effect. But what I would recommend is checking the Gnome sushi Gitlab page if any others that have reported issues (check both open and closed issues) and see if any of them sound similar to you and if there are any solutions or workarounds. I can’t reproduce this issue, so I’d advise consider posting the issue on their Gitlab if nothing else turns up. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Gnome sushi Gitlab:
Open Issues:
Closed Issues:

Try launching it from the terminal, and take note of any error messages that might show up.