Gnome Software yay or nay?

Basically… if I am installing Gnome tonight, am I keeping Gnome Software and use it instead of pamac?

Use tkpacman, Gnome software is not mature enough for prime time in my opinion


…I uninstall nearly every program with “Gnome-…”
(Gnome-Music, Gnome-Web, Gnome-Photos…) :laughing:

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Not for repo packages or AUR.

  • It uses packagekit as a backend so it doesn’t support any manual intervention during package updating/installation.
  • It has no AUR support
  • You could use it for flatpaks

Well yes. And Totem.
It’s difficult now with the MPV situation since I hate VLC and Totem is whatyoucallit… shite.

I guess I HAVE to run Gnome with Xorg only so I can use MPV.

I’ve no probs using MPV with wayland so far

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No i have not either it used to crash we all blamed Wayland, but not any more

No more Cinnamon?

No, see my post in “Show your desktop”. I did the first clean reinstall since Christmas, and I mean CLEAN. Have b asically only installed the Arch base, but using the EOS installer. So picking a DE tonight.

Was going to challenge myself and promise myself to stick to Gnome until my birthday, first week in November.

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Regardless of which DE you will install, sooner or later you will come across certain glitches that will make you question your decision :grin:


I was thinking about giving Plasma or Openbox a try.


You are correct every time i try KDE since KDE3.5 i remember why I ditched KDE, and have used Gnome as my preferred desktop ever since broken extentions once every 6 months is a better prospect than every update weekly on KDE something is broken + KDE looks like win 95. Lol


Simply change the look :man_shrugging:


Personally not fond of Gnome Software or Discover. I appreciate the layout of Pamac and use it for notifications and broad searches for software.


It’s good idea to have Pamac (pamac-aur-git) installed . Beacause in case pacman can’t do anything pamac may help you . It did help me when I removed the terminal once :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

and when I couldn’t install a package using pacman , it kept saying package corrupted when the package wasn’t ( it was on Manjaro though )

Can’t you still install Pamac for Gnome DE?

Oh I can. :slight_smile:
Opted not to install gnome software btw.


In this case, you can always switch to a TTY and install a terminal.


Two clicks are much easier :hugs: :wink:

Is it not like the benefit of a rolling distro is NOT having to reinstall every so often (does that make any sense)? :sweat_smile: But never mind, i do it quite too often myself, i’m afraid…
As for Gnome Software: nay! I also go for pamac, as its a real package manager, not an app store like Gnome Software, where you can’t search for libs or the like - only “apps”. But nothing beats pacman of course.

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