GNOME Software for Flatpaks


I generally use yay from command line for most software, but there are few flatpaks I prefer and I would like to have a UI and use GNOME software for that. I just installed and it, and it pulled the following:

Package (2)                   New Version  Net Change  Download Size

community/libpackagekit-glib  1.2.6-1        1.89 MiB       0.22 MiB
extra/gnome-software          43.5-1        10.24 MiB       1.82 MiB

Now, when running GNOME software the “Software repositories” section only has enabled (there are no other repos available) and I can find software in the “Explore” tab as expected.

However, when I go to the “Installed” tab, I see a lot of software that is not installed via flatpak. For example: VLC, Gnome Software itself (just installed), BTRFS assistant…

All this software was installed via yay from pacman repos… Why does it show up there (not everything is listed, just 20-30 or so applications). How can I restrict GNOME software to just flatpak? I want the “installed” section to basically show what flatpak list would show…

Because the designers did so. It shows any applications that exist on upstream flathub repos and are installed (no matter how).

AFAIK you cannot, unless there is a setting in packagekit.

As in previous answer.


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