Gnome shell update - no wallpaper

Gnome shell has just updated and I have no wallpaper! Downgraded. Can anyone confirm?

:edit: Found this, looks like there is a problem:

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Think it only affects wayland

i have a Thinkpad with Intel gfx running wayland and see the same issue as you

On my desktop with Nvidia and xorg all seems well

hello,I have the same thing

yes same here in the vm wayland and xorg

gnome-shell 1:40.0-1 ?

I use that with no problem :thinking:on x11 . on wayland work ok if disable Pop shell

extra/gnome-shell 1:40.0-1 (gnome) [installed]
    Next generation desktop shell

Ignore me, my desktop has not pulled in 1:40.0-1 yet (despite updating the mirrors!!)

Same here ( on xorg).
Should I/we downgrade or just wait?

I just downgraded & have wallpaper again. Also just checked & now GJS is also available. Will upgrade again to see if GJS makes a difference or not.

Confirmed: Update GJS & the new shell together to have wallpaper. I’m up-to-date with wallpaper.


ill try to update GJS . Ty

Looks like the bug referenced at the top is another issue that is affecting some systems…I’ve been using 40.01 for some time without that bug. Guessing there was a javascript change.


Gjs-2:1.68.0.-3 and gnome-shell-1:40.0+39+gd9e953e93-1 just got updated.

Still broken (here).

Hmmmm… That’s what I’m running–did you get the mutter update also? I’m showing mutter-40.0+55+gf4f82bcb9-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

Found more info in the Reddit Arch Thread:

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Still… no background… (LoL)

Blank-blank…Looks like you need to go the downgrade route. I’m sorry, I don’t know where else to go other than waiting for the next update.

Ty for all the help.

You are welcome–wish I could help more…

I had downgraded ,now it is work ok.

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Bug known upstream:

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