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I installed GNOME on new system and now I’m looking to the system if everything is OK.

I have a question, in settings dialog shouldn’t alle installed applications (Anwendungen) be shown under Applications (Anwendungen)? Actual no app are shown.

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Is there a setting or evalution run I have to look to?


That is normal on Arch by default.

If you want applications to show up there, you can install the package malcontent and then reboot.

It isn’t installed by default because of the dependencies it requires. Flatpak, ostree, etc.


I don’t have malcontent, and yet I have a fully populated Application list in Settings.


Should I install malcontent? I am on Gnome 42

What does pacman -Q | grep -i content show?

libmalcontent 0.10.5-1
malcontent 0.10.5-1

So I guess Gnome installs it by default and Arch does not.
Thanks for your confirmation.

@dalto I’ve installde the malcontent package und the applications are shown.

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Err…what? More likely, your install is from the time when it was a dependency of gnome-control-center.

Yes, that’s it. Thanks once again.

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