Gnome opens easytag instead of nautilus, Failed to delete using Trash

Hi my favorite linux community,

I have redirected my “Home” folders to the partition which I can access from Win10 as well.


Now I notice two issues, which I dont know if they are related to that, but they have ocurred around the same time the first time.

The first one is that every time gnome should open a path with nautilus - e.g. when I want to open Downloads out of the Browser Opera - it opens easytag a programm I use to tag my music files.

The second one is that I cant delete files to my trash from that partition. I get an error. Failed to delete using Trash. Do you want to permanently delete instead.

you are part of that groups (groups in terminal) i believe disks ?

i gues xdg-uders-dirs-update you already did, but what tells groups in terminal ?

I have done it now, but that hasnt solve it.

[mak@mak-pc ~]$ groups
sys log network floppy scanner power rfkill users video storage optical lp audio wheel adm autologin mak

hmm ok im hopped to gnome, trash does work but your case its stuf in other driver , storage is good , i have god also disk group but have to see what with it seems storage is legitimate…

but try to add ‘disk’ to your groups :

i got disk in it, and nautilus works with the trash here …

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I don’t use Gnome, but in KDE System Settings you can set the default file manager. Does something like that exist for Gnome? Also I had trouble with one of the music tag programs (It may have been easytag) wanting to own almost all of my file types. Every time I clicked on a file it opened the tag editor. Check file associations. My solution was to remove the tag editor instead of editing many, many file type associations. Another suggestion does easytag matbe think it owns all files in the /media directory?

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Yes, that it was. Thank you!

First prob solved!

I have not understood it fullyyet but I will look into that the next few days.

thank you

ok, I have tried to add disk with the

groupadd disk

command. Then it says disk already exists.

Group is already therr now add yourself to the group

gpasswd -a username xxgroup

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I added the user but that did not solve the problem.

Ok i thought could help but that didnt then will see

Nevertheless thank you for the efford!