GNOME night light not working yet

Nightlight not working in GNOME yet, this is not really a question, I don’t understand why this bug occurs on Arch with Wayland because I don’t see it on Fedora 31 and Rawhide using the same version of GNOME 3.34.1, it’s not something related to EndeavourOS, I’m just warning you here, because it’s a nuisance for those with sensitive eyes.

Wayland is enabled by default in the Fedora GNOME Desktop. So Wayland is fine-tuned in Fedora to fix, work around or coverup many deficiencies. Or maybe the other way around; Fedora and video drivers are modified to work around Wayland problems. Either way, Wayland still has growing pains and your best Wayland experience will most likely be with Fedora. In addition there may be open-source vs proprietary video driver issues.

Just my 2 cents. I’m sticking with X11 in Arch for the foreseeable future.


Work in the previous versions, I’m only reporting if someone has this problem, is a bug in mutter that has already been fixed, i’m using only Wayland since 2014.