Hi All. Some applications which use gnome-keyring witch implements freedesktop secrets. When I first lig in all is good, gnome-keyring is unlocked as it should be, but after some time period it is getting locked and is not unlocked by logging back into my session. Does anyone have any idea how to have it unlock when loggin back into a locked session, or (less desirable) have it stay unlocked. I guess I could change the login password to blank but that seems insecure.
Thanks in advance for any help with this

My initial question would be why are you using gnome-keyring in KDE/Plasma and not kde-wallet?

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This must have been brought by some software during the installation. I used to have the same problem with Chromium. At the first start of the freshly installed Chromium Gnome-keyring reported. Well, I have neither that, nor kwallet in use :wink:

Appently kde-wallet does not yet support freedesktop secrets, and element ( electron based matrix client) stored my password in gnome-keyring. Not sure if I can make element use kde-wallet, but when I open element it gnome-keyring asks for my password, if it’s locked


while you install e.g. Chromium with Pamac you have to decline this plugin