Gnome freezes while idle wayland

I have installed gnome-shell along with gnome-control-panel, gnome-tweaks, gome-shell-extensions.
I enabled user shell themes and change theme.
The system freezes after some time when idle.
Haven’t tested it without gnome-shell-extensions, as I don’t think so it would cause it.
Haven’t installed any other extensions and pretty vanilla gnome. Enabled fractional scaling though in gnome-tweaks.
This issue occurs while using wayland. Haven’t tested on Xorg but I think it wouldn’t occur there as x server is quite okay with desktop environments.
I’m using lightdm as login manager, not gdm.
What could be the issue?

Better i let the Gnome experts answer. Why are you using lightdm?

is lightdm not compatible with gnome wayland?

GDM is the default display manager. Just wondering why you would change it. I can see doing that if it’s about testing if there is an issue with the display manager but it doesn’t make any sense to me to do otherwise. That’s my personal opinion. :man_shrugging:

I’m having window managers as well so lightdm for that, didn’t install gdm, that’s why.

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Well hoping one of the Gnome experts can help. They would have a better idea where to look as i don’t use Gnome much. @pebcak

You have summoned me!


I don’t make wishes come true on weekends :rofl:

Honestly, I am not sure what to look for here either.

Gnome plus other WMs. Other DEs as well?
No GDM but lightdm.

Maybe worth a try without?

Maybe worth a try on Xorg?

Also we don’t know what hardware, other logs:

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I would take logs after this issue occurs again, have to leave it at idle for some time and note the time frame to get the journal logs. Switched back to window manager for now.
Will reply when I use gnome again and reproduce the issue.

Are you on amd? if yes, might be the same problem as here Black Screen on Boot Up that Never reaches Login screen

If I let the screen turn off it will freeze half the time

Gdm is pretty much a requirement for gnome. It will mess with your lock screen. Folks have lots of issues with suspend and hibernation without it. I wouldn’t be surprised if your computer suspends and then freezes and is looking for gdm but can’t find it and that’s the lock up.

If you want to go in on gnome, you do kinda gotta play with some of their nuances

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