Gnome display manager not booting properly

So I installed Gnome recently and it would only boot about once every 4 or 5 restarts

I installed it multiple times and reinstalled the gnome desktop from the tty4 screen a few times just to make sure

It works normally on lightdm and ssdm, and boots every time

Is there some config file to edit, or code I can put in the terminal to make gnome boot properly with gdm? I like it better because the lockscreen doesn’t work on the other two

Not sure why it was occasionally booting after a bunch of restarts but it normally booted to a black screen with just the cursor

Just happened to see this on Reddit the other day. Check the first comment:

In case it vanishes, 3 possibilities that might fix it:

  1. Switch to nouveau and insert that module into the modules section of /etc/mkinitcpio.conf (remember to rebuild!)
  2. Modify the service gdm.service, using systemctl edit gdm.service, and insert the following lines: [Service] Type=idle
  3. Modify the service gdm.service, using systemctl edit gdm.service, and insert the following lines: [Service] ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 1

#3 is what I ended up using.

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Wow, thanks. I tried # 3 straight away from the tty because I had been completely locked out after entering some other systemctl commands I found on another forum

It worked the first time I tried booting it. I assume it should continue working all the time

Edit: I just got lucky that one time then it stopped booting again. It seems to be a common problem with Gnome but nothing works so far that I’ve tried. Maybe I’ll install manjaro and copy the settings file. For some reason it works there

works fine here every time i boot up if you are using nvidia you may need to make a basic nvidia file. using a terminal
sudo nvidia-xconfig this will create the file just click enter type password click enter.

Maybe 4. is Gnome not starting on latest kernel - #7 by tim

what is your GPU and Driver? if yes Nvidia and proprietary, I would go to set early KMS loading for nvidia:

I found that that worked about 90% of the time on my setup, adding the 1 second gdm delay took care of the other 10%

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I tried increasing the delay and it didn’t work. I tried early KMS entries with nouveau, i915, and nvidia, and various combinations of the 3 and nothing worked (because I have a hybrid nvidia-intel system but I only have the open source drivers installed)

I tried a bunch of other suggestions from other forums and nothing worked

The only thing that works is entering a random tty (2-6) then going to tty1

That works every time and is easy enough to do

I just did a system update and suddenly it rebooted fine without any tricks. I tried a couple more times and it booted every time

Thanks to the Arch or Endeavour team or whoever fixed that, much appreciated

Edit: it doesn’t work anymore, I’ll just switch to lightdm