Does anyone know what happened to the gnome-control-center-nocheese AUR pagage? It showed in the AUR for a long time as out of date and then got an update a month or two ago out of the blue. It got another couple of updates including one a week or so ago, and then a couple of days ago started sowing as missing. The odd part is that the AUR webpage is completely gone now.

It was removed from the AUR due to this request:

Apparently, cheese is no longer a requirement of the normal gnome-control-center package so it became irrelevant.

If that is true, you should replace it with the normal gnome-control-center package.


That’s the case.

pactree -r cheese 



whoof how long does this take :wink: i remember that dep issue from my time around 2007 with GNOME


Any thoughts on removing the nocheese version to reinstall the stock one? I would imaging trying to remove nocheese after installing stock would have dependency issues and would leave the aur check in place for nocheese.

Just install the stock one.

sudo pacman -S gnome-control-center

They should conflict so the other version will be removed in the transaction.

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I can’t beat 2007, but I remember in 2012 switching to Xubuntu (to avoid Gnome 3 :scream:), installing my usual list of extra apps, and spending ages trying to work out which one was pulling in all the Gnome dependencies. Of course, it was :cheese:

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I’ll give it a try.

This is just a family shared computer (that runs Gnome very well despite a gen2 I3 with only 6 GB RAM), and I only cared about nocheese because cheese opens a black screen that irritated me though I would never use it (although other apps like Zoom or guvcview work fine). My daily driver runs Cinnamon and has no such issues. Budgie had the same issue as Gnome of course on this computer.

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Well, that worked perfectly. That wasn’t surprising, but time was. Installing the nocheese build took a good 20 minutes if I remember, but installing the stock one and removing nocheese took 5 seconds.

The nocheese version in AUR was probably being built from source code. Most of the time was probably the time it took to compile and build.

The version in the repos is a prebuilt binary that is just being installed.

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Of course. I’m sure it was completely compiled. I was just expecting maybe some hooks or an inramfs that would take a few minutes like a kernel and a mandatory reboot.

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