Gnome Clocks keeps asking for location

I’ve installed Gnome Clocks as a flatpak on my KDE Plasma system. After every time I log in, the first time I start Gnome Clocks it asks me to allow giving it my location. Since it gets the time correctly it clearly doesn’t need my location, but it keeps asking anyway. Again, and again, and again.

It also says locations access can be changed in the privacy settings. Gnome Clocks doesn’t have privacy settings. I’m assuming it’s referring to privacy settings in Gnome, but I don’t use Gnome.

Is there a way to make it accept the fact that it’s not going to get access to my location and make it stop nagging, or are there other clock apps that have alarms and timers I could try?

I’m aware kclock exists, but that’s a dumpster fire. Crashes all the time (pun not intended, but it’s surprisingly accurate), selected audio file to play when alarm is triggered does not play, and noon is “00:00 PM”. I haven’t checked for midnight, but I suspect that will be “00:00 AM”.

Edit: I have tried to add this to /etc/geoclue/geoclue.conf, but it doesn’t make a difference.


Edit2: Now that I think about it, it shouldn’t make a difference—flatpaks have their own permissions.

Ever tried disabling geoclue-demo-agent (or the like) once and for all?