Gnome-chess segmentation faults

I installed gnome-chess and I get a segmentation fault (core dumped) whenever I try to run it. I have never had a seg fault before and I don’t really know how to go about fixing it. Any help would be appreciated.

inxi output:

Do you have the following packages already installed as well?

gtk4 libadwaita librsvg

It’s rare, but I’m noticing one or two Gnome apps not working or showing strange behavior/theme issues when running an updated Gnome 42 app on an install that is still running Gnome 41, or in your case i3. so that could be part of it. I didn’t see anything familiar to this on their GitLab unfortunately (

I went ahead and installed gnome-chess and gnuechess and it’s working fine for me on Gnome 41.

I’d recommend a few things: filing a bug upstream, downgrading to the version before the v42 update, or lastly if you really need a chess fix, pychess is a decent alternative in the meantime till this gets sorted out.

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I did have those installed and reinstalling didn’t seem to help. I downgraded gnome-chess and the newest version that worked for me was 3.38.1-1.

I checked out pychess and it seems pretty great and can use multiple different engines. I think I will stick with that. Thank you very much for the help.

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