Gnome animations stuttering, dual gpu setup

Hi everyone, i have a problem with gnome where every animation(most noticeable while opening activities, as well as, scrolling in app list) is stuttering. This happens also with gestures, where it do not recognize right gesture and when it recognize its 50% will it work as it is supposed. Same happens on xorg and wayland.
Second question.
I have a dual gpu setup intel/nvidia, how am i supposed to setup them to be switchable, or i is it done automatically?
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More information on that is here:

If you still have questions after that, please feel free to ask.

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I was having minor stuttering on Gnome 40. Earlier versions of Gnome did not have this problem. My monitor is a 720p TV. The OS was setting it up as 1366x768. This did not present a problem in the past so I left it there. I changed it to 1280x720 and it still slightly stuttered. Then I changed the scan rate to 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz and it is now very stable.

In my case it seems that Gnome 40 is more sensitive to the resolution & scan rate. Play around with the resolution and scan rate and see if there is a combination that works.



Thank you for welcoming me and thank you for answering my question. Which options is actually best to choose from ones mentioned on link, as well there is no option that work on Wayland?
Thank you as well for answering. Interestingly i can’t choose resolution. It is fixed to 1600x900 which is a native resolution for my laptop. Refresh rate is available, but with only two options 60.04 Hz and 39.99 Hz. Where changing to 39.99 Hz have no impact on perfomance. Same goes for Wayland and X11.