Gnome account activity

While going through my gnome settings, I noticed that gnome is keeping track of my sessions. How can I disable it? thank you

is this from gnome-online accounts?

nope. haven’t added any online account.

I never saw this… but this data could be taking from journal, as journal will log GDM and session starts ends…

it has nothing to do with those online accounts. Gnome is just showing this stats for your user account. But as Joe said, it could as well just be found in the journal (where gnome reads from to get them too, i would guess :grin: ).
I don’t think it can be turned of - but it would be kind of pointless anyway…

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Remember, Gnome is enterprise oriented. Who was logged in at the time of a mishap is very important for forensic evaluations. For a personal computer, this information is mostly never used. Logins and logouts are just one of many logged events used for forensics and/or troubleshooting. I know, when I worked for AT&T, and there was a service outage, myself and a few others would spend hours tracking down exactly what happened. Whether it was human error, a computer glitch, or equipment glitch was the first question to be answered.

I doubt that session logins are used for any malicious purposes.