Gnome 42 -> 43, update process

Too many random settings and options and configurations/variables for them to maintain I’d think


The first thing I do when I have a good running system is to make a full disk image in Clonezilla

I broke my GNOME by trying to test out GNOME 43 from fcgeu repos so now i have a mix of 43 Alpha/Beta/RC and 42, any way to purge the configuration and purely reinstall
photo_2022-09-25_21-17-52 so it starts? any logs i could check and provide to be of any help atm i am using XFCE

sudo pacman -Rc gnome gnome-extra should remove the whole Gnome-clutter, if nothing is installed via AUR.

pacman -Qs gnome after that will show any remnants.

Then, if cleaned, you can begin a reinstall:

yay -S gnome gnome-extra

i do not think you can went back from 43 to 42 and not purging the gnome configs…
But as you say you can not login with a new user too… you screwed something with packages…
after removing all GNOME related packages and removing the repo from pacman.conf you can also install packages set from EndeavourOS ISO:
eos-packagelist --install "GNOME-Desktop"

these folders contain the configs mainly
but best way is to use a new user and copy your personal non Desktop settings for apps like mainland stuff one by one…