Gnome 40 touchpad gestures not working on Wayland

Hello everyone!

As the title states, I can´t manage to get the touchpad gestures working :confused:
I’m on Wayland, and have already installed the extension “Gesture improvements”
I’ve searched this problem in many forum, but haven´t found a solution…

Are they simply not supposed to work yet?

Thanks in advance

I actually have the opposite happening. Gestures work with Wayland, but not with X11. I don’t have any Gesture extensions installed or other trickery. Are you missing Gnome supported gestures, or something specific to an app? I think I’ve seen a few posts on about firefox gestures no longer working, but I honestly didn’t pay much attention.

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Same here.

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This should be the normal behavior… I guess my laptop’s touchpad is kinda old and isn´t supported (or maybe I should install some drivers that I don´t know)

Thanks! I’ve tried EOS today for the first time, I’ve been using Manjaro for some time and wanted to see other Arch-based distros :smiley:


Welcome to the community @Balbuziente !

I wonder if this will remedy that:

Libinput 1.19 released last week with support for hold gesture types and high resolution wheel scrolling. The xf86-input-libinput 1.2 release for this X.Org DDX now supports touchpad gestures and high resolution scrolling data as well when pairing this driver with libinput 1.19. In the case of the hold gestures, it requires to be used in conjunction with the forthcoming X.Org Server 21.1 release.