GNOME 3.34 released

Archrepos have the latest packages already, and now starting on update fixed packages after some little issues, GNOME itself runs smoothly after the updates, but some depending DE’S like Budgie still not fully 100% working with GNOME’s latest changes.

Feel free to post here what you find out to help others or to ask for a solution!


Budgie broken? Known issue reported on archlinux bugtracker:

On extensions:

Both need a new release now.

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using i3-gnome gnome-control-center is coredumping and so is not usable at the moment… here… may i do switch away from using GNOME in the back… and go for xfce again… --> [done] :wink:


My dash-to-dock is working, but now is listed as Ubuntu dock in Gnome Tweaks.