Glitches or flickering of the desktop

I’ve been using Endeavour since the beginning and even before (AntergOS :wink:) : usually stable and fast. But a recent Linux update broke this perfect software…
Suddenly, glitches or flickering appeared on the desktop. Not continuously, but sometimes and with any application and widget.

First, I tried this solution, because my GPU is an Intel TigerLake UHD Graphics:
Unlikely it didn’t work. Then I suspected Plasma, tried to downgrade some packages one by one, but without result.

Finally I read somewhere that Linux LTS wasn’t impacted, and bingo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: : that was the solution !

It was really difficult to find a similar case on Arch, so I hope my story will help.


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Thanks for the feedback.


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And thanks for your feedback. Always nice to see a solution. :sweat_smile:

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Welcome :smiley: and thank you for your first post being a solution :+1: