Glibc resolver seems slightly broken in the recent GLIBC 2.36

As it seems, the recent GLIBC 2.36 has slightly broken resolver:

⋊> ~ getent hosts                                                                                            18:12:33
⋊> ~ getent hosts                                                                                        20:56:58
⋊> ~                                                                                                                      20:57:07

The same on my Fedora Rawhide VM (glibc 2.36 as well):

Is that a valid FQDN? canonical name = \

I didn’t think that \ and @ were allowed per the spec.

IIRC “@” refers to the parent domain. And even if the name is not a valid FQDN, I don’t think the Arch flavor of glibc 2.36 refusing to accept that will educate the site builders in Israel to write proper FQDNs.

It is \@.

It looks like someone tried to escape something and made a mess of it.

Either way, you would need to report that upstream.

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For some unknown reason, at least Windows, Android, Ubuntu and Fedora Rawhide have no problem digesting that mess…

Smells like a potential CVE… :cold_face:

So? Who’s gonna tell the devs?