Glances connects to internet at startup


everytime i start glances, it pings the internet…

Are you running it with any parameters? If not, maybe it’s trying to obtain your system’s public IP address (via the inetfaces module).

Are you on a vpn?

I run glances without parameters…
I am not on a vpn

it connects to

i think it checks for updates on startup after closing it shows this:

[13:23:58] joekamprad :: slimshady64  ➜  ~ » glances                                                         
You are using Glances version 3.2.5, however version is available.
You should consider upgrading using: pip install --upgrade glances

Maybe, i have version 3.2.5…
I did not know applications look for updates.
I rather update via pacman…

also in every other distro this does not happen…

Its python that connects to it