GitLab or GitHub which one to use?

I can only speak on my own experiences using either platform. If one of them is known to be clunky and problematic, that’s not something I’ve come across (yet) personally, but like I mentioned I’m just referring to the bug reporting and for that I think either platform gets the job done since the developers are spread out on both. I simply go wherever the developers go. Nothing philosophical about that approach, it’s just pragmatic. I see a bug, I want to squash the bug. :beetle: :boot:

I don’t want to speak for @Kresimir but I don’t think the reason he chooses to boycott github has anything to do with the usability of the platform.

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I just don’t want to have an account with Microsoft. I even stopped playing Minecraft because of that (even though I bought a legal copy of it when Mojang was owned by Notch).

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This looks very promising. Even though it seems to be new but I like it.

I’m using GitLab, but have used GitHub in the past. Had no particular complaints about performance from either platform. I prefer GitHub’s web interface, but it is a minor part of the platform and a personal preference. There is nothing wrong with GitLab.

Like others in this thread, I too have a distaste for Microsoft and their products. I value open source, and GitLab is therefore the better platform for me. If you’re comparing the two, and find no performance or usability differences, I don’t see a reason to pick GH over GL.


try out sourcehut:

More on sourcehut.

From the link:

With Sourcehut, Drew DeVault is fighting the good fight and I wish him the most resounding success.

And Drew DeVault’s blog.

And Drew DeVault contributes to Sway’s development.

And here.

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Don’t know much about this but you could also rent a vps and host your git related stuff on that.

Capitalist corporations are evil and they will commit any crime for profit. Your privacy is a profitable tool in their eyes, they will not respect your privacy, human rights.

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