Git not recognizing keyboard keys

So I tried using git on the xfce terminal, everything seems to work
Tried to commit some changes, and git commit suddenly stopped recognizing keyboard keys. It’s spewing random letters, refuses to recognize the up, down keys and the backspace.

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@ricklinux @FLVAL

Hello @Rasenkai,

depends which changes you did before on your xcfe Terminal !
If you use another user, do you get the same ?

I have not used git. You would have to tell me how you did this? Check the preferences in your terminal for font etc. maybe it’s changed.

Yes. I get the same, also I didn’t do any changes.

Purely stock xfce terminal.
I imported my day from USB and just used git, and this happened

Which is your model machine ?
Do you use Git on Sudo ?

I don’t have an xfce system handy (I’m KDE/Plasma on all machines). But if all else fails you could open a TTY session, login, and remove the xfce terminal and any associated rc files. Then reinstall the xfce termainal. It may not be necessary, but I’d probably reboot between removal and reinstallation.

I realize it’s a stock terminal but check the settings in case something changed them same with keyboard layout. That’s what software does…messes things up! Just verify they aren’t messed up and rule it out.

I used on sudo as well as non sudo
Same bug

I tried on gnome terminal.
Same bug

Just noticed, seems like some parts of system is using my native language while rest is on British English. I tried to change it but I’m not sure how to (I can’t find languages or region edit in system settings!)
How do I make entire system use En?

Check the keyboard settings for language. Also in the terminal what is the output for locale?
localectl status

You may have to reset your locale settings.

[rasenkai@turingcore ~]$ locale
[rasenkai@turingcore ~]$ localectl status
System Locale: LANG=en_IN
VC Keymap: uk
X11 Layout: gb
X11 Model: pc105

seems to be good !
Layout is gb.
Check en_GB.UTF-8

So I need to set LANG=en_IN.utf8 to en_GB.UTF-8 ??

Also how do I do it ? :sweat_smile:

It’s all right here in the link i sent you. You just edit the file and generate a new locale.

Edit: In case you don’t understand the wiki. You just edit the /etc/locale.gen with a text editor such as nano or other text editor and uncomment the languages you want and save. Then run locale-gen as root in terminal.

What gives You ?

locale -a    

I checked in my /etc/locale.gen file and on line #167 I have exatly this : #en_IN UTF-8
This is the one you have to uncomment, there is no point, en_IN UTF-8
Save the file and generate locale as the link of @ricklinux explained.

@FLVAL Did you mean comment it out as he doesn’t need it? I’m not sure what language @Rasenkai wants and which one may be causing the problem maybe?