[Git based ISO] Broken Mate installation on EndeavourOS

Added a tag and moved thread in the right section. Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Forget to add: every single big desktop environment read xdg dirs. So your commit will also break Cinnamon, Plasma, Gnome and so on :frowning:

Besides this, ISO are working great for me, this is the more important after all :slight_smile:

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luckily I made an iso on 01/09 because there: we can not connect with gnome anymore

Bug fixed by this commit: https://github.com/endeavouros-team/EndeavourOS-archiso/commit/d638394abdb4cccb8b7e8bd0f740f0ed15f3f9a6

Let’s close this thread now.

@joekamprad: thanks for the fix.

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