Git addict

So… I just saved something on my device, on a place that does not have a git repository backing it. This sounds like a normal thing to most people, I suppose, but I have everything backed up on git. Mere micro-seconds after saving the file I felt uneasy… I got shifty-eyed and nervous. I didn’t know why I felt like I did… Then it dawned on me it was that little save I just did.

What if my computer crashed? What if terrorists came to my home and blew up my laptop? What if an atomic weapon blew up near my data?!

This would not stand. This could not be. I have to protect my (totally useless) data, or die trying!

I made a new repo for this file. I did. Anywho, my question is this; am I the only one who’s a gitaddict?

you need to backup your datas
nothing else

I don’t know. To me, git is supposed to be for keeping track of versions and changes in your software projects, not a backup tool.

There are better ways to back up your data.



Git is free. Git will store all the things I care about and version control them.

“Normal” back ups take effort. With git it’s just a push.

I care about settings and documents. Not programs (which can be re-installed anyway). Git has me covered.

Maybe I could even set up Git in a way to back up my photos… I didn’t think of that before your comment… Thanks, will look into it.

what if the github server goes down, you will lose all your data.

Ah, but I also store it on gitlab! One updates the other when I push to it! (Yes, I am aware how this sounds…)

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