GIS-Weather Showing Tomorrow

so for what ever reason my GIS-Weather app is showing up as tomorrows forcast. Not sure what this is about but its confusing cause now i’m not sure what day i’m in lol

not world wide web but
What Went Wrong? lol

You are in a tear in the space time continuum? Let me have the winning lottery numbers :rofl:

So I woke up this morning to find that the time is infact still ahead 24 hours. I decided ok I’ll just do a reboot and let things get back to normal and well lo and behold it is still a day a head lol

to quote a twit its just

Weird, Weird

Right click on the widget and check your preferences.
Mine is showing correctly, using OpenWeatherMap.

I can see the same thing if I eat too many eatables. :rofl:
but all kidding a side the problem is likely from the source and the current info. I have seen that a time or three.

Location changes it back to what it should be but if i return my location then it goes back looks like they are both openweather so may need to check that its like that in the configs. more funny and scifi

there is no such thing as to many eatables :grin:

Removed my city tried to add it back and i get not found so apparently my city got lost :rofl:

My source usually loses it current data a few times a month and that’s from a Government site. Weather can take down the source rather quickly.

yeah its no biggie just funny as hell especially after the bong starts cooling lol

just use it more for basic view anyway.

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