Getting "warnings" while trying to install Deluge

These are the warnings I am getting when I try to install Deluge >>

What does these 2 warnings mean ?

warning: dependency cycle detected:
warning: python-incremental will be installed before its python-twisted dependency

If I go ahead & install will I face any problems ?
I really don’t want to break my installation.

Dependency cycle warnings are normal.

You should be able to go ahead and install.

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It is just a warning. If you are worried fire off a back up such as time shift before proceeding. The system is just warning you that python-incremental has a dependency called python-twisted and it is installing the parent package before the dependency. These come up from time to time and are for the most part harmless.

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I just finished installing Deluge & as you guys suggested nothing bad happened.


nice to see you here Rambo :slight_smile:

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It feels great to be a part of such a friendly forum.