Getting to know the "class" of a program for assigning workspaces

How do you find the class of a program for assigning it to a workspace?

for example the eos-welcome app?

Hey MaxWis,

I saw your question on the EndeavourOS forum about finding the class of a program for assigning it to a workspace, particularly the eos-welcome app. Here’s a quick and informal response for you:

To find the class of the eos-welcome program, you can use the xprop command. Open a terminal, type xprop, and then click on the eos-welcome window. The terminal will display information, and you’ll find the class like

WM_CLASS(STRING) = 'eos-welcome', 'Eos-welcome'

Once you have the class name (which is ‘eos-welcome’ in this case), you can use it to assign the program to a workspace using your window manager or a tool like wmctrl. The exact steps might vary depending on your setup, so refer to your specific documentation or configurations.

Hope this helps you get that workspace organization just the way you want it! :smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply,

For me eos-welcome as classname didnt work for some reason, xprop says that the class is ‘yad’ so I tried that, also no luck.

But I found that i3-msg can force programs to open in specific tabs like this;

exec --no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace 10; exec eos-welcome --once'

Might be a weird work around but it works for now. Hopefully I can use the normal way for other programs in the future.


I’ll mark this as solution to close the topic.

as we use yad it is not really unique it has yad/Yad as class … so your way to use app name is the better solution anyway in this case

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