Getting stuck on installing EOS

Wanted to install EOS as second OS (installed Mint allready) The liveuser system on USB works (using to post this mail) but when I try to do the install the install log gives (after 37%) the remark: pacman (8/23)updating fontconfiguration. It stays there, no more reaction with the mouse or keyboard and I have tot completely switch off PC (with ofcourse no install as result). Can anybody tell me what is wrong? I am not new to Linux, i’ve installed allready a dozen OS’s and never encountered this problem.
HP intel centrino 2GB memory.
Thanks anybody, bobb

I sure don’t know…but it’s entirely possible that 2GB is too meagre to perform a modern GUI install. If no one else suggests, you should probably start the installer manually in a terminal so that you see any error messages.

If you are doing an online install 2 GB RAM is too small since all the packages to be installed are first downloaded into memory and there is simply not enough space.

However an offline install should work.


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You might want to try the offline install mode.
2GB of RAM is very low, but it has been reported to work.

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Are you installing it in a VM? I would also suggest you bump up the ram to 4 GB for the online installs.

Thx everybody for the answers, I succesfully installed now via offline install.

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